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  1. 水分測定儀,水分測量儀,水分檢測儀,水分測試儀,水分分析儀,水分儀,上海佳實電子科技有限公司,021-31200314,水份測定儀,水份儀,水份測量儀,好品牌

    Wireless Sensors
    Film Thickness System
    Concentration System
    Quantitative Detection
    Kiln Controller
    Whiterness Meter
    Gloss Meter
    Moisture Meter
    Protein Analyzer
    Gas Detector


    Product video and many examples, click to view.

    Shanghai Jiashi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional technology research and development enterprise, serving customers with good quality, professional research and development of sensors, IoT software and hardware, SH-Cloud cloud platform, data wireless transmission module, embedded software and hardware, APP and industry. Instrumentation, etc. Industrial instruments cover a wide range, such as colorimeter, gloss meter, whiteness meter, infrared thickness measurement system, near-infrared spectrometer, halogen moisture analyzer, infrared coating thickness measurement system, infrared moisture measurement system, starch detector, online moisture detection System, soy protein meter, drying moisture meter, formaldehyde detector, hardness tester, Karl Fischer moisture meter, concentration meter, infrared online thickness measurement system, production line moisture detection system, near-infrared moisture meter, microwave moisture meter, concentration meter , drying control system, density meter, wood moisture meter, paper moisture meter, grain moisture meter, mud moisture meter, starch moisture meter, sand moisture meter, coal moisture meter, fluorescence detector, chemical raw material moisture meter, ceramic raw material moisture meter , rice straw grass moisture meter, plastic foam moisture meter, textile raw material moisture meter, wood powder moisture measuring instrument, tea moisture measuring instrument, tobacco moisture measuring instrument, infrared moisture measuring instrument, oil moisture detector, ground moisture meter, spinning Yarn moisture meter, concrete moisture meter, grain moisture meter, seed moisture detector, grain online moisture Grain dryer moisture meter, corn water meter, wheat moisture meter, rice moisture analyzer, online coating thickness measurement system, online paper quantitative instrument, wood drying control system, oil content detector, sampler, polished rice machine, Negative ion detectors, etc.

    The SH-Cloud cloud service works with wireless sensors to run neural network algorithms to achieve good multi-point monitoring, APP, and data cloud effects.

    SH-8C near-infrared coating thickness gauge, non-contact measurement of plastic film, non-woven fabric thickness, 4 ~ 20mA current, optional RS485, mobile APP, cloud platform.

    DH-190 Halogen Moisture Analyzer and Infrared Moisture Analyzer adopt ultra-precision balance, fast drying, weigh 0~110g, moisture resolution 0.01%, mobile APP and computer software.

    SH-8A microwave online moisture analyzer, 7-inch LCD touch screen, output current, voltage, switching signal, can be equipped with software, APP.

    SH-8B near-infrared online moisture meter, non-contact 10~40cm, resolution 0.01%, output 4~20mA current, optional RS485, APP.

    DH-WT portable whiteness meter for fast measurement of whiteness.

    WG-20 portable colorimeter, spectrophotometer, colorimeter can accurately detect color differences.

    Wood moisture meter includes KT-506, KT-508, KT-510, KT-60, KT-70, KT-80, KT-R and other models.

    Product video and many examples, click to view.





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